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Miller Leonard is a former State Prosecutor, former Federal Prosecutor, and former Public Defender.

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“I started my practice handling misdemeanor offenses and worked my way up to handling the most serious felony cases. I learned from excellent mentors how to try cases and fight the charges against my clients. Nothing is a substitute for experience, especially when your freedom is at stake.”

Miller Leonard, Esq.

You need someone who will stand by you, advocate for you, help you, believe in you and walk with you if you are facing criminal charges. Experience and skill are needed for criminal defense cases and investigations.

Court is a demanding place to practice. It is expected that Criminal Defense Attorneys will have extensive criminal law experience. In fact, many attorneys who practice criminal defense do not practice in Court.

In order to have a solid foundation as a criminal defense attorney, it is necessary to have handled many cases and to have worked your way up from minor offenses to serious criminal charges. This solid base is necessary if you want to practice criminal defense in Court. Unlike most state jurisdictions, discovery in court is not a guarantee and often what you do get is limited. Also, the rules of sentencing are stacked against Defendant’s and require a Criminal Defense Attorney who is willing to spend the time to research each and every sentencing allegation, should a case come to that.

  • Federal Criminal Defense
  • State Criminal Defense
  • “You deserve to have an attorney who believes in you and who will devote their time and energy to getting you the best result possible. You deserve an attorney who will tell you the truth, fight for your rights and who has the training and experience to take a case to trial. I have handled thousands of criminal cases. My past experiences are the foundation upon which I can help you defend your case. And, you deserve an attorney who cares about you.”

    Miller Leonard

    Getting arrested is no way to start your day, or promote your career any time soon. Getting arrested is one of the most stressful events that will ever happen in anyone’s life. At Miller Leonard, PC, we know what this feels like and strive to be there for you right from day one of your journey through the criminal court system.

    Perhaps you’ve just been arrested because someone lodged a complaint against you. There appeared to be enough of a reason for your arrest to be ordered to answer whatever those charges may be. While you were being arrested, you were read your rights and one of those rights was the right to call an attorney. Even though you are likely badly rattled, take advantage of that right and immediately make a call to Miller Leonard, PC.

    At Miller Leonard, PC, this is our guarantee to you, quality representation when you need us the most. Mr. Leonard has over 12 years as a practicing attorney. His background in criminal law is extensive including stints as a former State Public Defender, State Prosecuting Attorney, and a former Special Assistant United States Attorney. This background allows Mr. Leonard a first-hand view of how the state criminal system works.

    The first thing to remember when you are arrested is that no matter what, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. This is the whole foundation of criminal law. It doesn’t matter what you have been charged with, or what evidence there is to possibly support those charges, you have the right and the chance to call all of it into dispute and make the government prove their charge(s).

    This isn’t something that you should attempt to do on your own. You will definitely need the services of a seasoned Colorado state criminal defense lawyer. At Miller Leonard, PC, we will evaluate the evidence on hand and then devise a strategy to defend you should the time come to be called into court. There is the possibility that the charges may be thrown out, depending on what we make of the evidence, how you were arrested and other matters. Never assume that just because you have been arrested that you don’t have rights any longer.

    A state criminal defense lawyer can access you at any time, even when you happen to be in jail. While the law does tend to vary from State to State, it does guarantee you the right to speak to your attorney no matter what you may have been charged with. You should also be aware that your lawyer needs to be present during the interview after you have been arrested. The lawyer’s presence is because you may inadvertently say something that will come back to haunt you later and wind up being used by the prosecution to you detriment. Do not talk to the Police or any agent of the government unless and until you have retained the services of an attorney!

    At Miller Leonard, PC, we provide you with a copy of the complaint laid against you and all evidence that supports the charges. We don’t stop there. We collect evidence that disputes your charges and may even hire an investigator to check these facts out. We develop a theory of your case and we use the case theory to develop a theme for your case.

    Regardless of whether you choose to go to trial or take a plea bargain, it is crucial to have a central theme to your defense. Whether arguing to a jury for an acquittal, or arguing to the Court for a lesser sentence, don’t you want your information to be presented in a concise, easily understood presentation?

    At Miller Leonard, PC you are advised of your options. Mr. Leonard has years of experience as a trial lawyer and will take your case to trial if that is your desire. The ability to try a case also helps you if you determine that you want a plea bargain. Mr. Leonard can negotiate on your behalf with the prosecuting attorney, but keep in mind that none of this happens without your explicit consent.

    Your freedom and liberty are our specific goals, as nothing is to be cherished more than the right of freedom. Hiring a good Colorado state criminal defense attorney will ensure you have a fair and equitable chance at justice being served.

  • Sex Offenses
  • Sex Offenses – What Does This Mean?

    Sex offenses include a wide variety of criminal sexual acts. The penalties for a sex offense conviction can be serious and life-changing with some acts carrying potential life sentences to prison or life terms of probation. In addition, sex offense also carry Sex Offender Registration requirements, upon conviction, which can cause a tremendous amount of problems for people who must register, including additional criminal charges for failing to register.

    Sex offense is a broad term for a wide range of criminal activity. If a person is convicted of a sex assault on a child, for instance, this is a sex offense. If a person is convicted of using Internet Luring, this is also a sex offense. Other types of sex offenses include prostitution, statutory rape or sodomy, or lewd acts and rape. So, not every act that is termed a sex offense is the same and some are much more serious, in terms of potential prison time, than others.

    In the age of computers, it is very common to see people charged with sex offenses that involve the use of computers and the internet. For instance, Law Enforcement is very active in catching people who use the internet to arrange sexual encounters with people too young to consent to sexual acts. Computers are also used in the trade, production and possession of illegal images such as child pornography. These types of crimes carry severe penalties and the potential for lengthy prison sentences.

  • Assault
  • Felony Assault in Colorado carries, upon conviction, mandatory terms of imprisonment. These are serious charges and they require serious representation. You need an attorney with experience – experience that comes from handling thousands of criminal cases. Not to mention that due to the mandatory sentencing provisions, it may be necessary for you to go to trial in order to avoid prison. When you are in trial, you want an attorney who has been in the courtroom, tried cases, and who isn’t afraid to fight for your freedom.

    Experience matters. If you are facing a serious charge like Assault, you need an attorney who will investigate the facts, research the law, and who will go to bat for you.

    Colorado has two types of Felony Assault: First and Second Degree. As stated above, each carry mandatory terms of imprisonment if you are convicted.

    First Degree Assault:

    The most serious form of Assault in Colorado. In Colorado, you can be charged with First Degree Assault if you do one of the following:

    • Intend to cause serious bodily injury to another person, and do actually cause serious bodily injury to anyone (even if not the intended person).
    • Intentionally seriously disfigure or disable another person.
    • With “Extreme Indifference to the value of human life,” you knowingly do something which creates a grave risk of death, and in doing so, cause serious bodily injury to another.
    • With intent to cause serious bodily injury to police, a firefighter, a judge, or a prison worker; you threaten them with a deadly weapon.

    JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE CHARGED DOES NOT MEAN IT IS TRUE! You may have legal defenses such as self-defense, or legal defenses that reduce the severity of the charge. And your defense is critical because First Degree Assault carries a mandatory sentence of: AT LEAST 10 Years IN PRISON!

    Second Degree Assault:

    Second Degree Assault, while not as serious as First Degree Assault, is still serious. You can be charged with Second Degree Assault if you do one of the following:

    • “Intentionally” cause bodily injury to another by means of a deadly weapon.*
    • “Recklessly” cause serious bodily injury to another by means of a deadly weapon.*.
    • With intent so cause bodily injury, you cause serious bodily injury.*
    • Cause bodily injury to anyone while intentionally trying to prevent a police officer or firefighter from doing their duties.
    • “Knowingly” apply “physical, violent force” to a police officer, firefighter, prison guard, or a judge while they are in the performance of their duties.
    • Intentionally drug someone without their consent.

    *These are Crimes of Violence. JUST BECAUSE YOU WERE CHARGED DOES NOT MEAN IT IS TRUE! You may have legal defenses such as self-defense, or legal defenses that reduce the severity of the charge. And your defense is critical because Second Degree Assault that is a crime of violence carries a mandatory sentence of: This means that if you get convicted, the Judge has no choice but to sentence you to 5 years in prison.

    Third Degree Assault:

    This is the lowest grade of Assault, unless you are charged with a municipal offense. Third Degree Assault is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Third Degree Assault, however, is an “extraordinary risk crime,” so the normal penalty for a Class 1 Misdemeanor is increased by six months, making the possible penalty 2 years in the county jail.

    The good news is that if you are convicted the Judge does not have to put you in jail, but if they do, you can spend up to 2 years there.


    Assault First Degree

    Mandatory Sentence

    10 Years in Prison

    Assault Second Degree

    Mandatory Sentence if Crime of Violence

    5 Years in Prison

    Assault Third Degree

    Extraordinary Risk Crime

    Up to 2 years in Jail

  • Cyber/Internet Crimes
  • Cyber crime is a term that just about everything is familiar with these days. The Internet has changed many things about how we live, including criminal law. Today, both Federal and State law enforcement are active in the enforcement and investigation of crimes that occur in cyber space or with the use and assistance of computers. It is one of the fastest growing areas of concern for law enforcement these days.

    Some common internet or cyber crimes are Internet Luring, Enticement of a Child, or 18 U.S.C. 2252 charges. Both the State and Federal authorities are active in this field.

    I have over 12 years as a practicing attorney. My background in criminal law is extensive including stints as a former State Public Defender, State Prosecuting Attorney, and a former Special Assistant United States Attorney. As a Public Defender and Prosecutor I handled a wide variety of cases, including murder, serious violent crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and cyber crimes.

    As an Assistant Prosecutor, I was selected to run a prosecution unit that dealt with cyber crime. My duties included prosecuting child pornography crimes as well as other crimes that occur through the use of computers, such as Internet fraud.

    During my tenure as a cyber crime prosecutor, I was selected to attend specialized training in the prosecution of cyber crimes as well as training regarding the law in this new and evolving aspect of the criminal code. Along with specialized training, I was made a Special Assistant United State’s Attorney with the specific task of handling cyber crimes in both State and Federal Court.

    I have handled cyber crimes as both a Prosecutor and Defense attorney and I understand the intricacies of these types of cases. Unlike many criminal matters, cyber crimes often involve investigative subpoenas, search warrants, expert computer analysis, as well as intricate legal arguments. These cases are not like other criminal cases, and they require a detailed and comprehensive review by a skilled attorney.

    If you are accused of a crime that involved the use of a computer, whether that allegation is being investigated by the State or Federal Government, it is crucial to have an attorney representing you who knows how these types of cases are handled. Time is of the essence in these situations, so don’t hesitate to call Miller Leonard, PC.

  • DUI/DWAI/DMV Hearings
  • Driving While Under the Influence and Driving While Ability Impaired are perhaps the most common form of criminal offenses in the system. Convictions for either offense will add points to your license, you may go to jail and you also will, besides your criminal case, have to deal with the DMV. What, then, is the difference between the two similar criminal charges?

    A Common question is how many points am I going to get for certain traffic offenses, including, DUI or DWAI. Click here for a copy of the DMV Point Brochure. It is a useful tool.


    DUI or “Driving under the influence,” (Colorado Revised Statutes 42-4-1301) is when a person is driving a motor vehicle and they have consumed alcohol or one or more drugs, or a combination of alcohol and one or more drugs, that affects the person to a degree that the person is substantially incapable, either mentally or physically, or both mentally and physically, to exercise clear judgment, sufficient physical control, or due care in the safe operation of a vehicle.

    DWAI or “Driving while ability impaired” in Colorado means driving a motor vehicle when a person has consumed alcohol or one or more drugs, or a combination of both alcohol and one or more drugs, that affects the person to the slightest degree so that the person is less able than the person ordinarily would have been, either mentally or physically, or both mentally and physically, to exercise clear judgment, sufficient physical control, or due care in the safe operation of a vehicle.

    *A (blood alcohol content) “BAC” of over 0.05% will put you at risk of a DWAI, and a BAC of 0.08% or over is in the presumptive DUI range.

    A “DUI per se” is when an individual has a BAC over 0.08%, he or she can be charged with a DUI. This is also known as “excess blood alcohol content”.

    Jail is always a possibility with a Colorado DUI or DWAI conviction and you need to take these cases seriously.

    The Penalty Upon Conviction:

    The penalties for drunk driving in Colorado recently increased. The Legislature and Governor believed that the penalties were not adequate, especially when compared with other states. Lawmakers finally changed the law when it came to light in the media that some repeat offenders – on their 4th, 5th and 7th offenses – were not sentenced to jail time. It wasn’t just that issue that prompted a closer scrutiny of the penalties handed out for drunk driving. It was the fact that sentences were wildly disparate in all the courts, and that drivers who killed someone while DUI didn’t do jail time.

    These penalties are hard even for first time offenders who for a first DWAI offense will face fines up to $500 and can spend anywhere from 2 to 180 days in jail, and up to 48 hours of community service. On top of that 8 points will be added to the driver’s license.

    A second DWAI offense carries harder penalties. Upon a second conviction, you face fines up to $1000. If the fines aren’t enough, you face the possibility of 45 days to one year in jail, along with serving up to 96 hours of community service. On top of all of this, your license will be suspended for a full year.

    *While the Judge must impose the Jail sentence stated, it can be suspended.

    For your first DUI, you face fines up to $1000. On top of the fines, you are looking at jail sentence from 5 days to 1 year along with up to 96 hours of community service. Your license will also be suspended for a full year.

    *While the Judge must impose the Jail sentence stated, it can be suspended.

    What about the DMV?

    If you are charged with a DUI or DWAI, you will have an administrative driver’s license matter with the Department of Motor Vehicles to deal with, as well as criminal charges.

    Here is how it works:

    A Notice of Revocation letter by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), typically given to you upon your arrest if you take a breath test. Typically, you will have seven days from that time to request a hearing. You must respond within those seven days, or you will waive your right to have a hearing at the Colorado DMV.

    A DMV hearing matters, and you should attend in order to present your side of the story.

    The hearing usually occurs at the DMV headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado, and are not lengthy affairs.

    The Colorado police officer who arrested you will usually be there to testify. They will try to prove to the hearing officer that there was “probable cause” to stop and arrest you; that the breath or blood sample was taken according to the law and that it is, in fact, accurate, and that your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit.

    If the officer cannot prove any of these items, the action to revoke your driving privileges will be dismissed.

    If the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle’s hearing officer rules against you concerning your DUI / DWAI, your Colorado driver’s license will be revoked right there at the hearing and you will not be allowed to drive home – so you need to plan for this possibility.

    You will be given the opportunity to ask to be considered for a probationary license if the Hearing Officer Rules Against you. These requests for a probationary license can often be considered at the same hearing.

    A probationary license is also called a RED license. The chances of obtaining this depend on how high your BAC was and other issues related to your arrest. It is only an option for first time offenders.

    If you refused to take the test to determine your BAC, you will not be permitted to obtain a probationary license.

    If you have been charged with DUI or DWAI call Miller Leonard, PC at 303-907-9516.

  • Murder/Homicide
  • “I learned to defend murder cases as a Public Defender where I worked in a huge trial office that had literally hundreds of murder cases. As a Prosecutor, I handled several murder cases and attended autopsies and actual crime scenes. This experience is invaluable. Put my experience to work for you.”

    Miller Leonard

    The death of a another person that is not natural is often charged as murder. Murder is the most serious crime in our criminal justice system. Rest assured that the government will put all their resources together to try and get you convicted. They will use their best Detectives and their most seasoned Prosecutors. If you are convicted, you will be going to prison for a long time, perhaps even the rest of your life.

    The charge of murder is serious and you need an attorney with experience handling violent criminal charges. Isn’t your freedom worth it?

    You need an attorney who will listen to you and fight to protect your freedom. Often, there are defenses to the charge of murder. But, you need an attorney who is willing to be your voice and to tell your story. There is always more than one side to the story. Don’t count on the government bothering to present your side of the story.

    If you or a loved one are charged with murder, please call Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney Miller Leonard at 303-907-9516. Time is of the essence. The State will be working to try and tie up the case. You need an advocate on your side now, not tomorrow.

  • Probation
  • Probation is an alternative sentence to going to either jail or prison. Probation isn’t easy and many people who are on probation have trouble completing the terms of their probation. Often, if their Probation Officer was reasonable these people would be able to complete their term of probation and be successfully discharged. Unfortunately, and all too often, Probation Officers or the Prosecutor are unreasonable and will ask the Court to revoke your probation.

    If you find yourself having difficulty with your Probation Officer call Miller Leonard, PC before you are violated. Sometimes you need another person communicating with the Probation Office in order to resolve your issue. And, even if you are going to get a violation report, often we can use the time before your hearing to resolve the issues causing problems.

    If you are forced to defend yourself at a Probation Revocation Hearing, you need a Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney who isn’t afraid to go after the Probation Officer and show to the Court why that Officer is being unreasonable, isn’t listening to you, or is not telling the truth. You have a right to defend yourself at a Revocation Hearing and you need to have an attorney on your side who will fight to save your freedom.

    Miller Leonard has handled hundreds of Probation Revocation Hearing as both a Prosecutor and Defense attorney. He is prepared to go to bat for you, to listen to you and to fight to protect your freedom. Call Miller Leonard at 303-907-9516 if you are looking at having your probation violated and are facing a Probation Revocation Hearing.

  • Appellate
  • If you have lost your case at trial, you have the right to appeal. BUT your right to appeal depends on filing the proper paperwork. Don’t wait to contact a Colorado Appellate Lawyer. The clock is ticking on your ability to file your case.

    There are times when criminal cases go bad, and that’s when you need to hire a criminal lawyer who has extensive appellate representation skills.

    Just what does appellate representation mean? In a nutshell, it is the art of looking at the original case and all the documents, court papers and the decision, to find out if the law in the case was applied correctly. This is painstaking and exacting work and you will need an attorney who is detail oriented and has the skills to track down all aspects of the law that apply to your case. Unlike a trial, an appeal is where a Court hears legal arguments, rather than a jury listening to facts. Thus, an appellate brief is where you, through your attorney, argue to the Court that the trial Court made a mistake in the application of the law.

    We strive to take those cases where we have the opportunity to work one on one with our clients. Appellate representation requires a tremendous amount of time to conduct legal research and to write the appellate brief. After the research is conducted and the brief is submitted, the Court will often request oral arguments. Oral arguments are where the attorneys argue the law to the Court. As with any case, proper time and resources are needed to ensure that the case is presented and argued with skill.

    We diligently strive to follow every ethical line of attack available under the law. While our cases may be complex, we leave no stone unturned on the quest for justice for our clients.

    Miller Leonard, PC handles appeals in State and Federal Court in all criminal matters including:

    • White collar crimes
    • Sex Crimes
    • Internet Crimes
    • SEC violations
    • Tax crime
    • Asset forfeiture
    • Fraud
    • Drug possession
    • Drug trafficking
    • Conspiracy
    • RICO cases (racketeering)
    • Money laundering
    • Theft
    • Public corruption
    • Extradition
    • Mortgage Fraud
    • Cyber/Computer Crimes
    • Gun charges
    • Assault Cases
    • Murder
    • Burglary

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